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I am the creator of PokeMEN and will always be here to help members or fans of PokeMEN. I am an avid chainer in DPP and have started battling competitively.

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Reply Spencer
1:13 PM on June 24, 2011 
Do you want to be an administrator once you register?
Reply Spencer
10:35 AM on June 24, 2011 
Also guess what! I created an NWCcommunity website. Check your youtube inbox for the address.
Reply Spencer
6:16 PM on June 23, 2011 
Is John your real name?
Reply Aquablast
12:18 PM on June 23, 2011 
I am actually record the battle so I will send it to you.
Reply Aquablast
10:21 AM on June 23, 2011 
I am sorry I couldn't trade last night when I was battling you I was do something as at the time. Post the Battle on Youtube and you should of post a few Youtube ads about the tournament.
Reply Aquablast
6:46 PM on June 22, 2011 
Ok I will adversite his site to my members, our clans are really at equal strengths.
Reply Aquablast
11:03 AM on June 22, 2011 
Hey man is it ok if I can Message members here to join Pokemon Island and I will do the same for you?
Reply Aquablast
9:27 AM on June 20, 2011 
Ok so can we battle today? Hey are you coming back to my site because if you are not I have no choice to depromo you. :(
Reply Spencer
9:29 PM on June 19, 2011 
well lets just say I live in the north east but fictionally I live in twinleaf town in sinnoh. I herd about you and Tommy participating in fact I tried to see if I could find you and GKI.
Reply Spencer
1:41 PM on June 18, 2011 
John I just lost my first battle in the north eastern vgc.
Reply Aquablast
9:48 AM on June 17, 2011 
I must drop out of the tournament my dad is hurt and I must go camping for the weekend.
Reply Aquablast
5:05 PM on June 16, 2011 
I forgot to say I promo you on Pokemon Island to Content Staff and can you get your bro, Tommy, to joined too, thanks in advance.
Reply Aquablast
1:54 PM on June 16, 2011 
Hey can you battle tomorrow around 1 to 4pm EST, please give me a time within that time range. If can't battle then I am out of the tournament because I need to go camping this weekend.
Reply Aquablast
10:07 AM on June 15, 2011 
No problem.
Reply Aquablast
10:32 AM on June 14, 2011 
John I am so sorry about those other first brackets.
Reply Aquablast
8:46 AM on June 13, 2011 
Thanks for adding the link and hey for the Tournament we can today around 1 to 2:30 pm EST.
Reply Aquablast
8:32 PM on June 11, 2011 
All I want is just a link to Pokemon Island on the homepage.
Reply Aquablast
2:34 PM on June 11, 2011 
I can wait but I prefer it to be post today.
Reply Aquablast
1:06 PM on June 11, 2011 
Hey when are you going to add Pokemon Island as Affiliate.
Reply Aquablast
1:04 PM on June 11, 2011 

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